Lawrence Ward Sr. founded Pacproinc® in 1989 to market his invention, the Arc’Tronic Hole Perforator.

In 1992, with six employees, the company began designing and manufacturing automatic, high-speed interleavers and stackers for the meat industry. We obtained the patent for interleaving via the “Inline Foldover” method in 1995 and began selling internationally.

Today, Pacproinc® can claim active users in more than 16 countries.

The original product line up of hole perforators, interleavers, and stackers has expanded to include custom and standard conveyors, value-added services, and a full range of interleaving materials.

Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves as a trusted partner and leader among the key players in the food and packaging industries. Our ability to provide well-designed solutions tailored to customer needs – and support our equipment with 24/7 service and a full range of proven solutions truly sets us apart. We continually find innovative ways to reduce labor costs, increase production, and add value to our end users’ products.

The Middleby Corporation acquired Pacproinc® in 2019.

In July 2019, The Middleby Corporation announced the acquisition of Packaging Progressions, Inc. Through acquiring proprietary Pacproinc® solutions and equipment, Middleby is now able to supply a more complete system to customers. The Middleby Corporation is a global leader in the foodservice equipment industry, extending their offerings even further with the acquisition of Pacproinc. For more information about The Middleby Corporation and their company brands, please visit www.middleby.com.