Commercial Bacon Production, Packaging & Materials

Automated Bacon Interleaving Technology for Food Service Applications

Pacproinc’s ProLeaver line of interleavers/underleavers and counters/stackers optimize production time and cleanliness during the food service production process all while reducing overhead, labor, and workplace injuries. Our bacon interleaving/underleaving, packaging, and production technology promotes food safety along with fast, efficient food service preparation.

The ProLeaver is compatible with lay-flat or bulk products, placing bacon side-to-side on the interleaving paper to improve arrangement quality. This automatic stacking technology significantly improves quality when compared to manual stacking, and with high speeds, perfect positioning, streamlined design, and optimal precision, our bacon interleaver minimizes costs and improves sanitation.

Pacproinc’s interleaving equipment maximizes food product value by:

  • Reducing refrigeration costs (versus freezing individual sheets)
  • Minimizing broken product (compared to individually frozen sheets)
  • Ensuring that sheets won’t stick together when frozen
  • Enabling quick and easy preparation for the end user
  • Allowing for more efficient stacking automation
  • Improving sanitary handling for the end user

Reduce Waste in All Food Service Applications

Pacproinc’s compact designs can save floor space and promote automation in virtually any size food service manufacturing environment. Our interleavers/underleavers are the first technology of their kind, and they offer the most environmentally sustainable solution at a comparably low price for food service packaging solutions.

The Pacproinc bacon system can produce up to 3,300 pounds of lay-flat bacon per hour. Further, this technology eliminates unwanted bunching that often occurs with manual bacon stacking. This improves product appearance while enhancing shelf life and flavor and reducing overhead costs.

Bacon Interleaving Machine Quality and Capability

Pacproinc equipment is created to offer the cleanest, quickest food service solutions on the market. The ProLeaver Bacon System features rugged, stainless-steel construction ideal for intense wash-down food environments. Its enclosures are humidity controlled and fully gasketed to reduce sanitation time, improve uptime, and enhance the overall safety and quality of your bacon products. Pacproinc’s equipment design and expert construction go farther than just meeting the need for efficient operation. Sanitary maintenance is streamlined in our solutions, and our technology designs save important floor space. The automated reloading system enables continuous operation, while precision card placement allows for accurate automation.

Our Bacon System feeds up to 80 cards per minute, and we guarantee reduced downtime associated with missed cards, double feeds, and jams. The system does not jam or double-feed, and the run time is extended due to the large-capacity magazine, so it can operate up to 45 minutes between reloading.

Pacproinc solutions are streamlined, innovative, and designed to accommodate your plant’s distinctive requirements. We guarantee our technology will decrease the cost of food service packaging, cut down on waste, and reduce food safety issues.