Puff Pastry Production Line Equipment

Automated Dough Product Interleaving Technology for Food Service Applications

The Pacproinc ProLeaver line of interleavers/underleavers and counters/stackers will help you reduce production time while reducing overhead expenses. These solutions simplify and streamline food service production processes while reducing common packaging concerns. What’s more, workplace injuries, staffing issues, and labor reliability are significantly improved when plants integrate our solutions.

At speeds of up to 600 pieces per minute, Pacproinc technology accurately places a piece of paper, film, or foil under or around your phyllo dough, cobbler crusts, pie crusts, and other dough products. The precise, consistent material placement allows the product to be separated easily by consumers, improves sanitation, enhances shelf life, and increases portion control.

Our premier interleaving technology adds value to your dough and other food service products by:

  • Reducing refrigeration costs (versus freezing individual sheets)
  • Minimizing broken product (compared to individually frozen sheets)
  • Ensuring that sheets won’t stick together when frozen
  • Enabling quick and easy preparation for the end user
  • Allowing for more efficient stacking automation
  • Improving sanitary handling for the end user

Reduce Waste in Any Food Service Environment

Pacproinc interleaving technology’s compact design saves floor space and allows food service manufacturing to be automated in nearly any environment size. Pacproinc products are the first machines of their kind and offer a more environmentally friendly solution at a relatively low cost for food service packaging solutions.

We provide customized configurations to match the needs of your plant, and our solutions are designed to decrease human-related contamination to food service products, as well as lessen repetitive motion injuries. Our automatic stackers enable hands-free counting and stacking before food service products are packaged, which creates a higher level of food safety and enhances the final product quality.

Dough Products Interleaving Machine Quality and Capability

Pacproinc technology is designed to be the most hygienic and fast-to-clean system available. Each solution is made intentionally for harsh wash-down food environments. The rugged, stainless steel construction and humidity-controlled, fully gasketed enclosures reduce cleaning time, increase runtime, and improve the safety of your dough products for food service.

Our equipment is designed and constructed to go beyond efficient operation. Simple sanitary maintenance features include:

  • Stand-off mounted features to prevent the trapping of dough product scrap to enhance cleanliness
  • Ground and polished welds to eliminate bacteria harbor points, making it possible to clean to a microbiological level
  • Control cabinets and enclosures have sheet metal breaks to eliminate the possibility of standing water on flat surfaces
  • Sealed stainless steel bearings in all food-contact areas to prevent product contamination
  • All machines are available with casters or leveling pads to meet your plant’s individual requirements
  • Trays to keep product scraps out of the paper path and paper tails off the floor, preventing material contamination

Stand-alone Dough Products Counting and Stacking Technology

Because you may not need interleaving/underleaving. We also offer counting and stacking-only machines to fit any application. High-speed, sterile, and hands-free counting and auto-stacking guarantees more accurate stacks for simpler packaging and improved product appearance.

The ProLeaver’s PLC design enables easy production setup and customized parameters, such as stack count, delay, speed, and portion thickness. Pacproinc’s technology melds impeccably with upstream processing equipment and downstream packaging solutions. Counting and auto-stacking, meanwhile, decrease worker and training expenses while lowering repetitive-motion injuries.

Interleaving and Stacking Food Service Dough Products

Pacproinc solutions are top-of-the-line machines that efficiently stack and interleave any dough products at extremely high speeds. The automated system is personalized to your exact needs and can cut paper, plastic, film, or foil of required thickness directly from roll stack, placing it beneath or between portions of dough.

They have the capability to fully wrap the dough portion with paper on the top and bottom. Standard operating widths range from 3 to 40 inches and can be configured for single lane, multiple lanes, or unique groupings.

Pacproinc solutions address and accommodate your plant’s specific needs with our expert and customizable innovations. Our technology will inevitably lower the cost of food service packaging, reduce waste, and alleviate food safety concerns.