Empanada & Tortilla Automated Interleaving/Underleaving, Stacking and Counting

Automated Empanada and Tortilla Interleaving Solutions for Food Service

Pacproinc’s ProLeaver interleavers/underleavers and counters/stackers promise to save your food service operations time and money, minimizing overhead and increasing packaging output of tortillas, empanadas, pitas, burritos, and other portion-controlled bakery products. This technology also reduces labor and material usage, cutting costs and increasing sanitary food service production. Labor reliability and workplace injuries, meanwhile, are dramatically reduced when automating with Pacproinc’s packaging solutions.

Pacproinc’s automated technology quickly and accurately places a piece of paper, plastic film, or foil between, under, or around tortilla and empanada products. Our design innovations also incorporate a programmable controller for easy setup, dependable, low-maintenance servo motion control technology that won’t wear out, and touchscreen controls for easy operation.

Pacproinc’s next-generation interleaving solutions enhance the value of your food service products by:

  • Improving sanitary handling in production
  • Reducing refrigeration costs (versus freezing individual sheets)
  • Minimizing broken product (compared to individually frozen sheets)
  • Ensuring that sheets won’t stick together when frozen
  • Enabling quick and easy preparation for the end user
  • Allowing for more efficient stacking automation
  • Improving sanitary handling for the end user

Reduce Waste in Any Food Service Area

Our products are customizable and come in compact designs, which saves floor space and allows food service manufacturing automation in almost any size environment. Pacproinc solutions are the first machines of their kind, and they offer a more environmentally safe manufacturing option at a comparatively low price for food service packaging.

Pacproinc solutions are pre-programmed to wrap or separate tortillas and empanadas at speeds of up to 600 portions per minute. Plus, our auto-stackers and counters provide hands-free counting and stacking prior to final packaging. This allows a higher quality food safety and improved appearance of the final product, which is better for your bottom line.

Empanada and Tortilla Interleaving Machine Quality and Capability

The most hygienic and quickest-to-clean systems available, Pacproinc solutions are designed to reduce cleaning time, streamline uptime, and enhance the safety of your tortilla and empanada products for food service.

Pacproinc equipment is designed and built for more than just efficient operation. A few of its features include:

  • Stand-off mounted features to eliminate the trapping of tortilla and empanada product scrap to enhance sanitation
  • Sanitary welds to eliminate bacteria harbor points, making it possible to clean at a microbiological level
  • Control cabinets and enclosures with sheet metal breaks to eliminate the possibility of standing water on flat surfaces
  • Sealed stainless steel bearings in every food-contact area to prevent product contamination
  • All machines are available with casters or leveling pads to meet your plant’s specific needs
  • Trays to keep product scraps out of the paper path and paper trails off the floor, preventing material contamination

Individual Empanada and Tortilla Counting and Stacking Technology

Not every plant has a need for interleaving. As a result, Pacproinc also offers counting and stacking machinery to fit with any application. Sanitary, hands-free, high-speed counting and auto-stacking ensure more accurate stacks for easier packaging and enhanced presentation.

Our PLC design guarantees easy production setup and personalized parameters, including stack count, speed, delay, and portion thickness. Our technology works seamlessly with upstream processing equipment and downstream packaging solutions. Counting and auto-stacking reduces labor and training costs, while lowering repetitive-motion injuries.

Interleaving and Stacking Food Service Tortillas and Empanadas

Pacproinc solutions are innovative machines that precisely stack and interleave food service products at impressive speeds. The system is automated and customized to your exact requirements and can cut paper, plastic film, or foil of needed thickness directly from roll stack, before placing them beneath or between portions of tortillas or empanadas. Regular operating widths range from 3 to 40 inches and can be designed for single lane, multiple lanes, or unique groupings.

Pacproinc is innovative and renowned for accommodating a diverse assortment of different food service plants’ needs. Our promise is to lower the price of food service packing, minimize waste, and expel food safety issues.