Philly Steak Interleaving, Stacking & Counting

Philly Steak Slicing and Interleaving

Increasing efficiency and production capabilities is essential for Philly Steak food production lines. Versatility and consistency in slice thickness and speed are essential. The 1085SS is a continuous high-speed slicing machine that can slice up to 1200 slices per minute depending on the product and conditions. This product carriage can adapt to short or extra-long products, while its adjustable slice thickness ranges from 0.015” to 0.5”. The 1085SS also features a fixed-position knife and 3-point suspension carriage that produces precise and clean slices. In addition, its rugged yet simple compact design requires merely 15 square feet of floor space, making it a space-efficient solution for slicing operations.

The blade of the 1085SS has a replaceable segmented cutting edge that helps to reduce maintenance costs, and the modular design of the machine makes it easy to service, with no special tools or training required to operate or maintain it. This low maintenance system achieves higher yields than gripper feed slicers and comes with an integrated PLC controlled servo-driven jump conveyor with touchscreen HMI for ease of use. The honing assembly provides more run time between blade sharpening, and there is an optional scale for tighter portion control, adding to the flexibility of this slicing system.

Philly Steak Interleaving with Paper

Pacproinc® understands the stress that is so common among Philly steak interleaving applications. With durable, high-speed interleaver equipment for cheesesteak packaging lines and maintenance plans that offer 24/7 factory support, we can help to alleviate that pain.

We also offer a range of interleaving materials appropriate for Philly steak applications, and the PPI-200 assists with stack shuffle experienced with reverse-fold or full-wrap interleaving. And with over 20 years experience—we are the longest continually operating manufacturer of interleaving and counting/stacking equipment—we offer a rugged design that ensures outstanding reliability and uptime.

The Pacproinc® PPI-200 line of interleavers offer accurate and consistent Philly steak interleaving. They achieve this by placing a pre-programmed sheet of paper, film, or foil under or around your sliced meat at speeds up to 600 pieces per minute.

With Philly steak interleaving, underleaving, and outerleaving, the paper, film, or foil sheet can be folded or wrapped around your beef steak product. This leads to ease of separation, more sanitary handling, enhanced freeze release, improved shelf life, and portion control.

Advanced Philly Steak Interleaving

Pacproinc® are the experts in interleaving and stacking. Philly steak interleaving is an excellent example of portion control using interleaving to separate a multiple-slice portion of Philly cheesesteak beef for packaging. Depending on portion size and condition these systems can reach speeds of up to 400 portions of paper-interleaved cheesesteak meat per minute.

Interleaved (underleaved) products can be conveyed to one of our modular auto stackers for hands-free counting and auto stacking before introduction to your cheesesteak packaging or wrapping machine. Gain additional line flexibility with our bypass option. This option is available to accommodate processing of non-interleaved or non-stacked product requirements. This allows these products to be introduced to the packaging machine without having to take your Philly steak interleaver or stacker out of your production line.

All of our solutions are available as a combination interleaver and stacker or as standalone components designed to fit your application. The PPI-200 product line is a sanitary, washdown-duty, stainless steel system. The streamlined design incorporates leading-edge Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and servo motor technology, ensuring low maintenance and a long machine life.

With compact designs available, the PPI-200 requires a minimal amount of floor space and is engineered to exceed the American Meat Industry’s 10 Principles of Sanitary Design.

The PPI-200 product line features rugged, stainless steel construction and climate-controlled (dehumidified), fully gasketed enclosures. Our PLC-based design enables easy Philly steak interleaving setup and changes, as well as networking with other equipment.

Sliced Meat Portions Foldover Interleaving

Our equipment designs and superior construction go beyond simply addressing the need for efficient operation—ease of sanitary maintenance is central to our solutions:

  • Stand-off mounted components prevent the trapping of any product scrap improving sanitation
  • Ground and polished welds further eliminate bacteria harborage points, making cleaning to a microbiological level possible
  • All control cabinets and enclosures have sheet metal breaks eliminating the possibility of standing water on flat surfaces
  • We use sealed stainless steel bearings in all food-contact areas to prevent product contamination and offer optional, antibacterial belting
  • All machines are available with casters or leveling pads to meet your plant’s unique requirements
  • Trays keep product scraps out of the paper path and paper tails off the floor to prevent material contamination
  • Welded construction eliminates recessed bolt heads and other areas that could collect product cast-offs and harbor bacteria growth

Built for Your Application

Pacproinc® Philly steak interleaving equipment is built to accommodate your application, with standard operating widths ranging from 3-40”. These solutions can be configured for single lane, multiple lanes, or unique groupings.

Our patented jam detectors significantly reduce costly downtime, and the PPI-200 includes Allen Bradley controls and touch screens as standard equipment for your Philly steak interleaving machinery. All programming is done by our in-house automation engineers, and all Pacproinc® systems are supported by our 24/7 service team.

Stand-Alone Counter/Stackers

Don’t need interleaving for your Philly steak production line? No problem. Pacproinc® offers a variety of modular counter/stackers to fit any virtually any sliced meat production application, and our custom designs easily interface with upstream production equipment and end-of-line cheesesteak packaging machinery.

The PPI-200 offers high-speed, sanitary, hands-free counting/auto stacking of Philly steak slices. This ensures that your sliced meat production line will produce better, more accurate stacks for easier packaging and improved product presentation.

Counting and auto stacking reduces labor and training expenses, as well as the incidence of repetitive motion injuries. The PPI-200 increases sliced meat production line throughput while cutting operating costs and improving the overall packaging quality and customer experience for your Philly steak slices.

Like all of our designs, our stand-alone counters/stackers feature rugged, stainless steel construction and climate-controlled, fully gasketed enclosures. Our PLC design enables easy production setup and changes to parameters like stack count, delay, speed, and portion thickness, and our solutions are easily networked with changeover or stoppages.

Pacproinc® can configure your PPI-200 to accept product in single or multiple lanes within your sliced meat production line. We can also singulate (combine multiple lanes into a single lane) finished stacks of interleaved meat or non-interleaved meat for delivery to the packaging machine, and all stackers can be fitted with our Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic System (RMDS).


The PPI-200 can improve your efficiency whether you need Philly steak interleaving and stacking for your cheesesteak packaging line, or only auto stacking capabilities. Many of Pacproinc®’s auto stacking modules have the ability to load your counted and stacked Philly steak directly into the package. We have extensive and unique experience handling stacked meat products, which allows us to introduce finished stacks directly into trays, cartons, or pockets.