Counting & Auto-Stacking Machines

Accurate stacking and portion control requires accurate counting.

With a Pacproinc® counting and auto-stacking machine, your process line will gain the ability to count, auto-stack and load at speeds of up to 300 portions/minute/lane, dramatically improving throughput and accuracy. This can greatly reduce costs when compared to manual counting/stacking operations.

Accurate auto stacking and portion control requires accurate counting. Pacproinc® counting/auto stacking solutions increase throughput while reducing errors and mistakes typically found in manually stacked operations.

"Ferris Wheel" Auto-Stacking Machine

Stacks products up to 9” long at rates up to 300 portions/minute.

"Platform" Auto-Stacking Solution

Excellent for auto-loading applications or products that require a minimal drop distance; couple with an elevator to handle very tall stacks.

"Drop Stacker" Auto-Stacking Machine

Handles long portions at rates up to 60 portions/minute.

"Star Wheel" Auto-Stacking Machine

Accommodates long portions as fast as 120 portions/minute.

"Shuttle Stacker" Auto-Stacking Solution

Versatile, small-footprint solution for low profile products such as sliced deli meats, cheeses, sheeted dough, and pasta.

VERSA-STAX™ Auto-Stacking Solution

Stacks and tray load fresh burgers and frozen pizza crusts; add a board inserter for frozen pizza applications where a carrier board is required.