President of Pacproinc® shares insights on trends in the meat industry



“We have a labor shortage” says Drew Ward, President, Pacproinc®. “Today it’s not even a question of the cost of the labor, it’s a question of the availability of labor. Our customers are looking to automate things that they weren’t looking at automating in years past.”

Drew Ward, President of Pacproinc® shares insights and discusses trends in the meat industry. These trends affect automated and non-automated meat and poultry processing plants. New technology and shortages of labor within the meat industry add new value to production line automation for meat packaging.

Meat production facilities are turning to automation in response to shortages of employees of varying skills, opting to use machines for simple, precise tasks. This allows for more valuable allocation of employee time and labor. Other trends in the meat industry revolve around improved sanitation, immigration policies, and increased line throughput.