Mid-West Pizza Chain Automates Production

The Challenge

In addition to its 52 pizzerias located in Ohio and northern Kentucky, the client had a complementary business co-packing sheeted, frozen pizza crusts for commercial clients. Manually placing sheets of wax paper between crusts, though, was slow and labor-intensive.

The Solution

In order to automate the process and increase output, the company installed two Pacproinc® interleaver/stacker systems. The PLC-controlled, low-maintenance systems accurately and consistently place pre-programmed sheets of film, foil, or paper under and around interleaved crusts, making separation easier. The systems automatically count and stack crusts at rates up to 1,100 per hour per lane, and the stainless steel construction improved sanitation.

The Benefit

In addition to their dependability and consistency, the plant manager estimates that the Pacproinc® systems increased production speeds by 20% with one-third fewer workers.

Watch the Pizza Crust Paper Video that showcases the interleave count and stack of pizza crusts.