Midwestern Ready-to-Eat Turkey Processor

The Challenge

Sliced deli meats go straight from the package to the plate without any cooking, so manufacturers face significant food-safety and sanitation concerns. An Iowa-based integrated turkey processor went so far as to build a new facility based on pharmaceutical-industry cleanroom technology to avoid cross-contamination and other concerns. When it was time to purchase equipment, they needed an interleaver that measured up to their rigorous cleanliness expectations.

Our standards were cleaning accessibility and the ease of tear-down and putting the parts back together after sanitation,” said the company’s COO. “Sensitive components needed to be 100% sealed so there would be no infiltration of product or water that could cause problems.

The Solution

The company was already using Pacproinc® interleavers/stackers at another facility, but for this application pacproinc® customized a system with specially configured interleavers and conveyors to fit the company’s unique slicing cell layouts. The resulting PPI-200 interleaver/stacker featured formed- and welded frames and smooth surfaces, eliminating crevices that could harbor bacteria.

The Benefit

When the company expanded their facility, they included the purchase of several new Pacproinc® interleaver/stackers as part of their eight slicing rooms, proof that their relationship with Pacproinc® was making possible new levels of cleanliness and processing.

Watch the Sliced Meat Foldover Interleave and Stack Video