Benefits Of Food Packaging Automation

As an alternative to manual processes, packaging automation offers significant—and quantifiable—benefits.

Consider one specific example of packaging automation: Pacproinc® interleavers and underleavers. These automated food packaging systems will cut paper, film, and foil from roll stock, rather than relying on expensive, precut sheets. This reduces cost and improves processing time, the hallmarks of Pacproinc®’s automation philosophy.

In a packaging context, automation entails not only a move beyond manual processing, but also linkage to factory information systems, as well as remote access to enable reprogramming, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

Manual packaging lines are not only slow and costly, but they also present concerns regarding sanitation, repetitive motion injuries, and the constant need to re-train new operators, not to mention potential challenges integrate with upstream or downstream equipment.

Pacproinc® brings automation to the processing and packaging of a wide variety of food products. These automated packaging solutions offer the ability to create a more reliable and cost-effective portion that has good product release, flavor barrier, and sanitary handling characteristics. With food packaging automation techniques, the consistency of product and increased throughput offer additional opportunities for cost savings.

In summary, Pacproinc®’s expertise extends beyond the boundaries of our own equipment.

Food Packaging Automation Comparison

Packaging Automation For Portion Control
Our automated packaging solutions also enable accurate portion control. The benefits of portion control are many. The following are just a few of the ways your process line and product will improve through the use of Pacproinc® automated food packaging systems:

  • Increased food safety by reducing direct product contact.
  • Improved customer experience through consistent package weight/size.
  • Extended shelf life as a result of reduced microbial presence.
  • Sustainability through reduced packaging material use (i.e. interleaving larger groups; no more individual bags for each portion).
  • Traceability by printing, coding, or bonding with RFID tags.
  • Improved product presentation and handling.

Packaging Automation Conveyor Technology
Pacproinc® sells more than just conveyors; we offer material handling solutions designed for the unique needs of the food industry. Our engineers and fabricators integrate stock- and custom-designed conveyor systems with sophisticated control systems. We offer mechanical and electrical support—along with on-site project management—during the installation and process integration phase. And we back all of our products with our experienced service staff, who offer 24/7 assistance and a complete stock of spare parts.