Pennsylvania-Based Meat Packaging Company

The Challenge

With foodservice and retail customers tightening costs by discontinuing in-store meat slicing, often processors must pick up that operation. In response, a Pennsylvania-based meat packing company took steps to expand its slicing and interleaving capabilities.

The Solution

The company purchased two high-volume slicers, which gave them the ability to deliver portion-control sizes. To take advantage of this feature, though, their process line also needed an interleaver.

With the addition of a Pacproinc® PPI-200, the company was able to maximize their new slicing capabilities, feeding up to five slicing lines into one flexible system. And with a PLC design enabling easy production setup and changes, the PPI-200 handles product in round, square, rectangular, oval, or other shapes.

The Benefit

“The major benefits of the PPI-200 are its reliability and accuracy,” says the company’s facilities manager. “The slicing, interleaving, transferring, and final packaging all have to be married together, so reliability is first and foremost”.

Moreover, they found a food-safety partner. “It’s important to us that they’re on the same page in trying to produce wholesome product.”

Watch the Multillane Deli Slice Interleave and Stack Video that automates the process of placing paper between sliced portions, counting drafts, and stacking drafts in the required format for final packaging.