Process Engineer Services

Pacproinc® process engineers have the ability and expertise to meet end-user packaging needs and help processors reach their process objectives.

We work closely with other food industry equipment suppliers (such as slicers, formers, and packaging equipment manufacturers) and partner with our customers to create production lines and plant layouts that meet each application’s unique needs. Next, our process engineering staff will customize equipment to provide turnkey solutions that ensure a smooth and efficient product flow.

We offer a full line of conveying systems to assist in the movement of your product to and from our equipment.

The Typical Process Engineer Methodology:

  • After reviewing a prospective customer’s application, the Pacproinc® sales representative submits a process specification document containing all information necessary to evaluate the application’s feasibility.
  • Once our process engineering department has reviewed the project, we may set up an in-house testing model. Tests may be captured on video and sent to the customer for review. We may also include line layouts or other sales drawings to clarify our proposed solution.
  • Following customer acceptance of the conceptual design, we begin to compile our quotation.
  • Working with the approved concept, and communicating with the customer and other equipment manufacturers the Pacproinc® staff begins to estimate engineering and manufacturing costs. This data enables us to calculate accurate cost estimates and pricing.
  • The resulting quotation is sent to the customer, along with supporting materials and drawings of the proposed solution.
  • Following customer acceptance of the quotation and order placement, our process engineering staff creates the approval drawing package required to build the system.
  • Once the drawing package is completed and released to manufacturing, the engineering staff continues to work closely with the manufacturing and purchasing departments to ensure adherence to the approved design.

full process
As demonstrated above, our commitment to building high-quality process engineer driven solutions carries throughout the entire development process. The Pacproinc® Performance Guarantee ensures that we meet customers’ expectations at the quoted price. In addition, all equipment solutions carry a one-year warranty (material and workmanship). We reduce your risk through thoughtful design and execution of your unique design.